Sunday, October 7, 2012

New VMT Player available.

Wassup team, feel free to add this to your blogs if you got em and share em around. PZ

Friday, October 5, 2012

VMT Has a Mobile App Available


As you may have heard VMT has a video for an old song out. Directed by Gareth Hastie of chopanzee productions. If you want to view this video. Go cop our Mobile App for ANDROID. Sorry, iOS fans... the cost involved in getting an app for the iphone is a bit much.

Also the app will have a heap of songs including YIP YIP, Slip Of The Tongues - The Trouble With Vin in its entirety, coming soon will be LewzTheryn - Life Is Short And So Is This Album and further down the track you will get the new VMT album which is on its way called "Showcase Of The Immortals".

In the meantime, thanks everyone for their support. Join the mailing list and hit us up on facebook for more info.


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Slip Of The Tongue - The Trouble With Vin - DOWNLOAD LINK HERE

Slip Of The Tongue - The Trouble With Vin OUT NOW!!!

Get dat shit! Burn Dat Shit! Pass it to your peoples!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Super Soldiers Program

The Super Soldier Program deals with disenfranchised teens who are eager to break into the local Hip Hop scene. The intake of referals stems from a local social working net work.

The program strives to have a client write, produce and record their own track and if time permits an array of songs can be made. When these songs are finally completed as a sense of graduation, the client's song will be presented on line utilising the same avenues used by the program's hosts Venomous mic technicians.

The program is collectively co-ordinated by Venomous Mic Technicians, who are a local underground Hip Hop group.

LewzTheryn acts as the head co-ordinator and engineer of the recording process of the SSP project.

Shadow Mindset is the assistant co-ordinator for the program and is the head engineer of the 'beat assembly' aspect of the project.

Prodagina acts as the admin officer for the project.

Show some support of the program by joining our  Facebook Group page here


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rumble By The River - Saturday October 2nd

Fighting and Rapping, this saturday at the YMCA,check the poster for details. Village people need not attend.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sword Styles 3

Smv is back at it again with the 3rd installment of the sword styles shows, this one is gonna be ill, Tickets available from Red Rat, Flow Bar or any of the artists performing $10.
Be sure to tune into Contact 88.1fm this thursday for interviews from the artists performing. 

Friday September 24th
Flow Bar
Victoria Street

Featuring Tyson Tyler:
Born in Australia but raised in South Auckland, Fijian blooded Tyson has worked hard to perfect his chosen craft. From the age of 15 he has been writing and producing his own music, at 17 he was accepted to attend the Dawnraid “Str8 From Tha Streetz 2” music programme, solidifying his choice to become an entertainer. Graduating the course three months later with his first professionally recorded song from the course “South Auckland Anthem” co-produced by Chong Nee, the song became somewhat of an underground classic, forging an early impression in the young talents career.

Tyson independently released two mix-tapes in 2004. Whilst working on the third, his rugged vocal tone and demanding delivery caught the ear of Breakin Wreckwordz head Cyphanetik. Before long he had became the newest and youngest recruit to join the BWW roster. He released the mix-tapes “Dooms Day” with DJ CXL and “Real Name No Gimix” with DJ Truent, as well as appearing heavily on the “Breakin Wreckwordz Vol.2 - It's A Monster” album. He has collaborated with local artists Young Sid, Ethical, R.E.S, Temple Jones, Pieter.T and international artists Kardinal Offishall, Monsta Ganjah, Alfamega and toured nationally

FUNK VILLAINS is a newly formed super group outta Htown which consists of members from 3 crews...Hitz & Kortaz (FV), N.I & Z.O (FZV), Koma & SMV (FCS) with DJ Impact on the one's & two's performing brand new material & a new mixtape droppin' the same day as SS3.

LEWZTHERYN one third of Htownz Venemous Mic Technicians will be performing songs from his 2010 street album 'Life is short & so is the album'. But don't worry VMT will be in the building for all you junkies!

RAIZA has been in the mix for a minute now with a fresh and exciting sound in hip-hop with both wisdom, humour, reality and expressions of how things could be. The young MC is currently making progress in the Hamilton, New Zealand music and club scene while progressively building up a strong support base. Check out his single / video Mirror on yoututbe & local stations out now.

JANE DOE up'n'coming MC outta Htown will represent the new face to the Sword Styles fam. Currently working on her own material right now & hustlin shows in Htown Jane will be fresh new talent to check out on the night!
DJ SMV & DJ IMPACT ... Mixtape King of the Underground & 2x NZ DMC champion also your LRG HIPHOP SHOW DJ's will be holding down turntable duties!

SLIP OF THE TONGUE your host for the evening. Don't get caught slippin or he will air you out lol

Come and catch the realist hiphop show in Htown SWORDSTYLES!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I guess beef is dead.... 50 Killed it.


The next day the Fabo and SB beef done finished already, what a waste of time that was. Publicity.... yeah .. like i said in the original post.

If your anything like me ... you must be thinking Fabolous got shook when 50 started talking murder talk.


Meanwhile, 50's twitter is hilarious and dude cant keep off the shit!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who said beef was dead?

And just when you thought beef was dead. Rappers find another way to bring it beef back to life. This time in the form of Twitter.

But this shit is entertaining as hell as you get to watch it unfold between 2 well established industry artists who throw mud at eachother and to further butter the bread, other established artists want to put in their 2 cents like its high school crush.

For the 411 of what went down you need to check Fabolous and Souljaboys twitter accounts, I dont know how this shit started I just been looking through my tweets and watching Royce Da 5 9 and Skillz commentate on whats goin on like its a Heavyweight championship boxing match. Mean while 50 Cent is jumping in (when he supposed to be away from twitter for the next 7 days making his album) sayin dont fuck with SouljaBoy and talking about how niggas gone end up dead talkin this shit. Fabo is startin trending topics about about SB coke habit. And Souljaboy ... well ... I'm not following that dude so I dont know whats up...

Meanwhile, both SB and FABOs album drops in November... *cough*publicity*cough*. But something good does come out of this ... Skillz announced he has his inspirations for this years Yearly Wrap Up seemingly from the twitter beef.

On another note, Wyclef is getting all sensitive about not being able to run for president and dogging Sean Penn and his former partner in rhyme Pras. These two both said they wont back Wyclef in a presidential election for Haiti and they both had their (valid) reasons. Word is Clef was calling out Penn for being a coke head (like souljaboy) and Pras for only doing 8 bars in the entire Fugees album collection in a remix track played live.

I dont know about you, but if I was trying to run for president of a country I wouldn't start picking on celebrities who have any sort of influence on the public. Politians beefing with politicians is fine but politicians vs celibrities does not end up well.

My 2 cents..

I aint even gonna bother editing this post or nothing. I'll treat this post for what it is ... boredom.


PS: Sorry for this being poorly written

Big Boi (Feat. Yelawolf ) - You Aint No DJ (Official Video)

Cee Lo Green - FUCK YOU (Official Video)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Song Of The Year

The Ladykiller himself is back with this joint. Song of the year for me and it aint even hiphop, but its cee lo green so it IS HIP HOP!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dr Dre - Turn Me On (Another Weak Leak)

If you want to hear the song.... google it.

It's starting to seem that the long (no longer awaited but) delayed 'Detox' has become a year and a half slow drip from the ceiling annoying more people than its pleasing. Have you tried sleeping next to a slow inconsitent drip? I haven't but I'm sure that shit pisses people off. It's one drip away from chinese water torture and thats what this has become. Every couple of months an incomplete Detox nominee leaks and people complain about how the album is never coming out. Shit, even I am doing it right now. I know that pushing back albums is the trend for hiphop right now but Dre is taking it to another level.

All we are hearing is sub-par incomplete tracks. When the leaks 1st started, I heard a couple good joints with TI rapping what would be Dre's verses that would have been dope to hear complete and on an actual album, shit a compilation or a soundtrack would have been okay. Even the crack a bottle leak that had Eminem doing the verses in Dre's tone sounded better than the final version that hit the radio. But now I am hearing some weak shit with this 'Turn Me On' track. In all aspects of music this song aint hitting anything, either that or I am getting old.

I never got to hear the last leak 'Under Pressure' because it got flooded with hate, Dre said it was incomplete and he will release the proper version in a few weeks. That was months ago and I still havent seen shit so I still havent heard it. This was around the same time he was promoting his 'beats by dre' headphones and announcing 'detox will be coming out this year' followed by a chuckle. The dude is laughing at how long this shit is taking him. Then he announces a date, just to be pushed back again and someone mysteriously leaks another song.

But why leak this song?
I just hope and prey this song is not gonna be on detox and/or unfinished rather than a 'snippet' because what I have heard is terrible. With Lyrics like "I want to F*** you so bad right now" and "Every time you step into the room, OMG!" Seriously, girls singing some OMG shit like mid-forties dre is trying to make on some 14 year olds. Then Dre's rap style, probably ghostwrote by Jigga is sounding like a british 14 year old wanting to be Dre. The beat is meh. It sounds like granddaddy dre is trying to cater to the Justin Biebers with edge.

This shit aint gonna work but I have been wrong before... look at Drakes success.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Black Friday - Hip Hop Massacre Tonight!

Don't forget tonight is Black Friday. All details on the flyer above. Make sure you are there and support the H-town hiphop scene.

Shout out to Strife for the hook up and Tom for the LRG gears for the show.